Listen in to the Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast!

Good Morning, everyone!

Fall is in the air, and radio waves are crackling with a new interview…well, modern day radio waves- a Podcast! While many of you know I do have my own weekly podcast, Dressage with Amelia, it was a fantastic experience being invited to join in on the Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast this week.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to them before, hosts Jessica, Ellie, and Justine are super warm and welcoming. They bring a variety of insights and I love their enthusiasm.

In this episode, they go over their fall cocktail (they mention a new one each episode- how fun!), go over a review of the Maryland 5 star, a horse missing for over 8 years reunited with their owner, feed and managing senior horses with Purina’s Dr. Kelly Vineyard (who I’ve also chatted to about my horses- a great wealth of knowledge), and much more (including my interview!).

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