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Lead with Confidence

8 Weeks to Harmony with your Horse



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You can solve ALL your problems from the ground - I'm not kidding!

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Riding doesn’t need to be frustrating, stressful, or dangerous.

Pretty much ANY training issue you’re having with your horse can and should  be solved before you get in the saddle.

Get ready to learn my secret formula that works on any horse, regardless of their age, level of training, or discipline.

Speak horse – learn to communicate and connect. 

Simple, effective, and practical exercises literally anyone can do!

Are you stuck?

Your horse just will not listen to you!


On the Ground…

🙋Your horse is stepping all over you
🙋Your horse is biting, kicking, and unhappy
🙋You cannot get your horse in the trailer
🙋You can’t get on! Your horse won’t stand at the mounting block
🙋Your horse is completely out of control away from home
🙋Your horse goes nuts on the lunge line
🙋You just can’t get your horse to piaffe in hand

Under Saddle…

🙋 Your horse is tense, spooky, and stressed
🙋 Your horse doesn’t understand what you want
🙋 Your horse’s head is straight up in the air and won’t get round
🙋 Your horse is not responsive to the leg
🙋Your horse isn’t supple, has no top-line, and won’t engage their hind end
🙋You can’t get your horse to piaffe
🙋 Your horse bucks, bolts, or rears

“I can’t encourage anyone enough to join Amelia’s classes. She has helped the connection with my horse on the ground and in the saddle. I’m just finishing one course which was more helpful than months of lessons in person. It’s been the best money I’ve spent since having horses!! Amelia deserves 10 stars as far as I’m concerned! “

-Stacey, Groundwork Masterclass Graduate

Simple, Practical, Effective.
Exercises you can do
to transform your ride.

“My biggest takeaway which was quite an epiphany is that you can train your horse on the ground and when you get on they know it. Its magic. I taught my horse how to do turn on the forehand from the ground using techniques you showed me. It worked!”

-Sandra, Groundwork Masterclass Graduate 

🐴Communicate effectively with your horse

🐴Feel more confident

🐴Stay safe – its simply NOT worth it get hurt

🐴Get to know a new horse – build a solid foundation

🐴Introduce Dressage movements from the ground

🐴Get your horse through, supple and connected. 

🐴Teach your horse to accept contact, relax, and introduce the lateral work. 

Whatever issue you are having with your horse, here's the truth, you can and should fix it from the ground.

“When I first started training I got ALL the difficult horses that no one else could ride or handle. No one  likes feeling out of control with their horse. Horses are 8-10 times bigger and can move in a split second!

Groundwork has saved my life more than once AND helped me train thousands of horses! Get ready to learn my secret groundwork formulas when you enroll in the Dressage Groundwork Masterclass.” -Amelia

Ride from the ground up!

“I’ve been riding about seven years, and I wouldn’t say I have a problem on the ground with my horses, but there are still things I can improve on and they matter. Amelia has loads of little tips on how to do things better.”

-Ginger, Groundwork Masterclass Graduate 

Your relationship with your horse starts on the ground. Learn to communicate on the ground and it will transform your ride.

By the end of this program

you will have mastered:

How to read your horse

Horse body language, safety, and respect.

Control your horse's body and mind

Get control of the Poll, Neck, and Hind-End.

Desensitize your horse

Teach your horse how to handle their fear, stress, and anxiety when bathing, trailer loading, deworming, and more.

Train Dressage From the Ground

It is easier and more effective to teach your horse the aids from the ground.

Lunge Correctly

Get your horse on the aids, accepting the contact, and using their top-line. 

Transform your ride

Honestly - it's like magic. Teach it to your horse on the ground and when you get on it's like they already know it. 

Train the Piaffe from the Ground

This complicated exercise can and MUST be taught from the ground. 


Solve your connection issues, get your horse engaged and using their top-line without the weight of a rider. 

Dressage Groundwork Test

Put your new skills to the test with our Dressage Groundwork Test.

This is NOT just a program about working on the ground. This is an opportunity to transform how you interact with and train your horse. You will feel more confident, in control and able to communicate effectively with your horse. You will transform your ride as you learn to teach Dressage from the ground!

Here's what's included In the Dressage Groundwork Masterclass

Read your horse

Understand and control your horse's body language. Respect and trust starts from the instant you put the halter on your horse. Learn how to correctly lead and handle your horse for confidence and respect in the saddle.

$200 Value

Simple and effective exercises

Step-by-step exercises that you can easily add to your routine to get big results instantly!
With over 60 exercises - you can pick and choose the ones you need most!

$299 Value

Safety first!

It takes a lot less time to get off and do some groundwork than it does to heal a broken bone! No one wants to get hurt. These groundwork exercises will save your skin!


Specific Dressage Groundwork

Struggling with connection, suppleness, thoroughness or lateral work? You can and should teach these concepts from the ground AND it is a lot easier!

$99 Value

Lifetime Access

Once it's yours-it's yours! Always have access to the material in the course.
Plus any updates that we make to the course!

$300/year Value


In the private Facebook group, you get access to Amelia and team to answer ANY questions you have! Plus we will be doing fun mini challenges during the 8 weeks to keep you motivated and LIVE sessions with Amelia!

$200+ Value

Private Podcast

Listen on the go! You're a busy horseperson, I get that! You can now listen to the lectures on the go while in the car, cleaning stalls, or whatever else keeps you away from video learning.

$299 Value

USDF Accredited

Receive credits from the United States Dressage Federation. These can be used as prerequisites for the USDF Instructor/Trainer Program, Certificate, and Diploma Programs.

$199 Value

Premium Support

Translate your groundwork exercises into the saddle.

Happy horse, happy life

When you and your horse move as one, magic happens! Learn to be the confident leader with simple and practical groundwork exercises that you can easily incorporate into your routine to get BIG results!


Money Back Guarantee

Literally no risk! I never want students to be unhappy, if you try the course and it's not for you, you have a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.


Enrollment is now CLOSED

Get your name on the list to be notified when enrollment opens again. 

Premium Support Package
Get your Videos Reviewed

+++New this year+++

 Add on the 8-week Premium Support Package at checkout to get access to additional LIVE support and feedback!

 You will receive:

  • Office hours with Amelia and Team twice a week
  • Submit your groundwork and riding videos for individual feedback
  • Answers to your individual questions via video/chat
  • Send in riding video,  we will give you groundwork exercises to fix your riding problems!
Joining the Premium Support Package is the right choice for you if you feel like you need that extra support, community, accountability, motivation, and get specific help that you need for your horse and journey. 


Add on during checkout for just $199, regular $299

You're backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you’re on the fence, or had other online training experiences that left you feeling skeptical, I want to put you at ease.

This Masterclass comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. I never want you to be unhappy, which is why I won’t hold you in a program you don’t want to be in it. 

It’s ZERO RISK for you if you get in and don’t enjoy the program.

I have had thousands of students use these techniques to help their horses, and I know that this program will work for you if you give it a shot. 

Check out transformations of Riders that are just like YOU!

“The Groundwork Masterclass has become my personal plum line for correct and safe horsemanship. No one individual at my stables has the time or ability to teach everything that goes into becoming a horseman, but Amelia Newcomb has done it! 

It’s truly a valuable treasure to have this Masterclass as my foundation. Golden! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (five stars!!)” -Linda, Groundwork Masterclass Graduate

About Your Coach

Hi! I’m Amelia Newcomb, a Grand Prix rider and trainer based in Southern California. I have trained multiple horses and riders to the Grand Prix level and am currently a member of the USEF Development Program and recipient of the Carol Lavell Advanced Training Grant with my horse Harvard.  I am passionate about teaching riders of all levels and helping you “learn, to love your ride.”

Honestly one of the biggest secrets to my success is groundwork!

I’ve created “The Dressage Groundwork Masterclass” to help YOU develop a trusting and confident relationship with your horse AND make progress in your Dressage Training!

Get ready to feel empowered and confident in every situation with your horse!!

This course is designed to improve your relationship with your horse so that your horse trusts you and listens to your aids. The way that you interact with your horse on the ground carries over to the saddle. If you can get your horse respectful and trusting you on the ground it will carry over to the riding.

Not only that, but MANY of the advanced Dressage moves such as leg-yields, shoulder-in, rein back, and piaffe/passage are much easier to teach from the ground.

A recent study from the Netherlands found that “ground work training based on principles of positive and negative reinforcement are likely to have a beneficial effect on horse-rider communication, improving obedience in the horse under-saddle, and in-hand and increasing physical relaxation and feel of self-confidence in the rider.”*

I have started hundreds of young horses, worked with problem horses, and trained Grand Prix Horses. I do groundwork with every single one of my horses. I teach the Dressage movements from the ground and groundwork has saved me MANY times from getting hurt or having an accident!

The course is for you if...

Here’s just some of the exercises included in the course:

  • Leading your horse
  • Turn on the forehand from the ground
  • Shoulder-in and renvers from the ground
  • Long lining
  • Piaffe and passage from the ground
  • Leg yield and half pass from the ground
  • Contact, connection and throughness from the ground
  • Transitions from the ground
  • Over 60 Groundwork Exercises from Beginner to Advanced designed just for you!

This program is not for you if...

“If I could give more stars, I would! Amelia makes everything so clear! The exercises and materials given are absolutely great and super helpful! It helped me progress significantly in my riding while being able to communicate better with my horse! Stop hesitating, Amelia’s course will help you become a better and more knowledgeable rider. Thank you so much!!”

-Jill, Groundwork Masterclass Graduate 

Communicate, have fun, and enjoy your horse.

Enrollment is now CLOSED

Get your name on the list to be notified when enrollment opens again. 


The masterclass ‘officially’ starts on Jan 15th 2023, but as soon as you purchase you get lifetime access and can get started! The course is designed to work through the material in 8 weeks, but students are encouraged to take their own pace.

You have lifetime access to all the learning material! The private Facebook group is open for 8 weeks starting Jan 15th 2023. While the Facebook will be archived, you will always have access to the content to review again and again. 

No. This program works for horses of all ages. While there are some advanced exercises that would be too much for a very young horse or for an older horse with physical limitations, there are an abundance of other exercises they will benefit from. 

The great part about groundwork is that once you learn the exercises you can easily incorporate them into your routine without adding much time. That said, consistency is key when working with horses. If you only work with your horse 1-2 times a week you will still see results by joining this course. But the more you work with your horse the better they will be, we recommend 4-5 times a week. Remember though, this is quality over quantity. Every session doesn’t have to be a long one (sometimes it’s only 10 min!) and it’s important to listen to your horse.

This course is designed for horses and riders of ALL levels. Whether you have a young, old, green, or advanced horse.  Whether you’ve never done groundwork before or you’re ready to learn how to long line and train Piaffe in hand, this course is for you.

You should still join! This course is chalk full of valuable information that you have LIFETIME access to! So you can go through it whenever you want -and at whatever pace you want.

Yes! You can ask questions at any time in Teachable (our learning platform). In addition, we have a private Facebook group for 8 weeks where you get access to myself and my team to ask questions, get advice, additional mini lectures, support sessions, and more! If you want additional video review, be sure to enroll in  our premium support option.

Premium Support is an amazing ‘add on’ 8-week Package to get access to additional LIVE support and feedback!

 You will receive:

  • Office hours with Amelia and Team twice a week
  • Submit your groundwork and riding videos for individual feedback
  • Answers to your individual questions via video/chat
  • Weekly Team Motivation Sessions
Joining the Premium Support Package is the right choice for you if you feel like you need that extra support, community, accountability, motivation, and get specific help that you need for your horse and journey. 
Add it to your enrollment at checkout.
  • A sound and healthy horse
  • ASTM approved riding helmet
  • Halter (preferably rope)
  • Bridle
  • Snaffle bit
  • Reins
  • Optional: Side reins, flag, lunge-line

No.  You don’t need to be on Facebook, but I would recommend it.  You can access all of the educational content outside of Facebook. But if you have a question or want to join a LIVE session, we recommend joining Facebook! It is a wonderful, supportive, and safe community that allows you to ask questions, share videos, successes, and more! It’s also where we’ll be posting supporting videos and mini lectures. If you don’t have Facebook, I would suggest joining just for this course. 

It’s up to you and what you’re looking for! Strides is fantastic and is designed to offer you a wealth of knowledge over multiple topics and provide support over a longer period of time.

The Groundwork Masterclass is a deep dive into using your skills on the ground to improve your horse handling and riding. This Course also offers multiple Q&As and LIVE events throughout each week, so you get more time ‘with’ me and the team for the course period. 

YES! I’m so confident you are going to LOVE the results you get from this course that the Dressage Groundwork Masterclass comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

That’s right, if you do all the work and don’t see the results, I’ll refund you ALL your money! Not only is this program a great value, it’s RISK FREE. Why would I offer this? Because I KNOW that everything in the course works! It’s worked for me to train my horses and I know it will work for you too!

“The groundwork course was so valuable I refer back to it often. Amelia breaks down each exercise beautifully and shows many examples with her students. During the winter without an indoor ring and during rehab for an injury ground work was so helpful. It deepened my connection with my mare which transferred into riding. I do groundwork now before I ride. Take the course, its so worth it! Fabulous job Amelia.”

-Barbara, Groundwork Masterclass Graduate 

“If you haven’t already taken Amelia’s Groundwork Master Class, I highly recommend it. Its been very helpful and she takes you through the why of groundwork as well as so many great exercises. So many things with your horse can be improved on the ground. Its comprehensive so that beginners to experienced people can learn from it.”

-Edie, Groundwork Masterclass Graduate 

Still have questions?

Send us an e-mail at: 


Schedule a LIVE Zoom Consultation with JoElyn– The Happiness Director – to learn if this course is right for you!

“Truly comprehensive! Amelia gives step by step instruction of the “hows” and authoritative explanations of the “whys” in a caring, patient, professional manner. This masterclass provides such a tremendous foundation for my lifelong quest to develop Horsemanship. Thank you Amelia and team!”

-Maria, Groundwork Masterclass Graduate 

P.S.- Are you ready to give up? Don't! This is your solution.

Do you have a "difficult" horse that everyone tells you to get rid of? -- Don't. The exercises in this Groundwork Masterclass will change your horse.

With the tools in this course- you can communicate in a way your horse will understand. Believe in your horse and in yourself.

You can have the partnership you've always dreamed of!

“The groundwork course can be helpful to anyone with two or twenty years of experience. You will pick up many helpful hints and new ideas. Most impressive were the lateral exercises that I am still using a year later to warm up my horse. The course provides a great foundation for any horse.”

-Linda, Groundwork Masterclass Graduate 

More questions from riders just like you:

This masterclass is only offered ONCE in 2023.

YES! Once in the Masterclass, you have will get to choose which ‘stream’ to focus on in the masterclass: Horsemanship or Dressage Training. You get lifetime access to both streams, so you can focus on one or the other, or one and then the after after you’ve mastered the first one!

I’m here to help! This masterclass has a whole section on trailer loading. Plus I give you the THEORY behind why the methods work. So you can adjust as you need to use the techniques in similar situations other than trailer loading (won’t get in the wash box, won’t go over a ditch, etc).

I totally understand, having a hot, reactive horse can be a lot sometimes. In this Masterclass I teach you how to train your horse (or any horse!) to have the coping tools to be able to relax in stressful or new situations. 

This course is NOT just about lunging. While we do have a lunging section, it’s about lunging for training not lunging to tire your horse out.

This course teaches you a wide range of groundwork techniques that you can use in the stall, the round pen, the arena, or anywhere! It’s about improving communication, not wearing your horse down. 

Teaching your horse contact, roundness, and connection should be started from the ground so that your horse understands what you want.

This course teaches you the exact steps to break it down for your horse to understand. 

You know what? You probably won’t use every video or concept in the Masterclass RIGHT AWAY. The best part of this masterclass is that it covers EVERYTHING and you get lifetime access to go over it. 

We have a big section that covers the basics (leading, hand grazing, nipping, etc) that you will get a lot of value from as a novice. And once you feel like you have grown and can do a bit more, you can go over the intermediate and advanced concepts (in hand training, piaffe, long-lining etc). 

This Masterclass will help! Your horse is spooky because they’re stressed or unsure of the situation/environment they are in. The groundwork masterclass will teach you a way to communicate to your horse in a way that they will understand and be more confident in the situation they are in and thus more confident. 

*Source: Wolframm, I., Baars, C., Schuetz, S. (2010). Improving horse-rider communication through groundwork training programmes. International Society for Equitation Science, 6th International Conference. Uppsala, Sweden.

Please notify me when enrollment for the Groundwork Masterclass opens again.

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