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Reach your goals in 2023 with monthly workshops.

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Dressage is hard. It's even harder to do alone-without the support and tools you need!

Here's what YOU will get when you Enroll!

Simple and effective exercises you CAN do!

New exercises released each month that you can do to improve your training regardless of your level!

Submit your Video for Review

Submit a short video of your riding for Amelia to review and discuss during a live lecture!

LIVE Zoom Lectures

Learn the theory of Dressage and the 'why' behind the exercises we do!Can't make the live session? Don't worry, it will be recorded!

Community Support

This is an amazing community of supportive riders and students. Get to know and interact with other students struggling with the same things as you, get answers to your questions, and exclusive insider tips from Team Amelia on the private Facebook group.

Private Podcast

Listen to the lecture recordings on the go and at your convenience!

Motivation and Accountability

Stay motivated with new topics and exercises to practice and work on every month! Practice the exercises before the LIVE zoom sessions and bring your questions for Amelia.

LIVE Pilates Classes

Join us and Stephanie Seheult DPT LIVE or watch the recording to learn some specific unmounted Pilates exercises that will help your riding.

University Credit from USDF

Complete this course and you are eligible to receive 0.5 credits from USDF per month.

Access to the Challenges

In 2023 we are planning on hosting two 30 day challenges. Stride Members get automatic enrollment into these additional programs at no extra cost.

Lifetime Access

What you pay for, you own forever! You get lifetime access to all the Strides content released during your membership period. No matter if you join for a month or 2 years, if you choose to leave Strides, you will have lifetime access to the material released during your time in the program.

Access to Past Workshops

When you join today, you will have access to the Strides archives for the duration of your membership. The archive material includes some of our past lectures, Pilates classes, podcasts, and exercises including our most popular: Leg-yields, Horsemanship, and MORE!

What our students say about Strides!

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2023 Strides Calendar

January 2023: Horse & Rider Fitness

You and your horse must be fit in order to perform well. In honor of the New Year, we will be focusing on fitness. This workshop will include specific exercises for you and your horse in and out of the saddle to get you fit for the New Year!

February 2023: Equine Health & Well Being

We love our horses and will do anything to keep them sound, healthy, and happy. Learn how to get your horse fit, supple, and keep them happy in their work.

March 2023: Connection

Connection is the hardest and the most important part of Dressage. When your horse is through, engaging their hind end, and using their top-line, you can literally accomplish anything!

April 2023: 30 Day Rider Position Challenge

Get ready to Transform your position and fix those old bad habits in the next 30 Days.

May 2023: Throughness

Throughness is a mental and a physical state where your horse allows the aids and the energy to flow through their body. It is truly an incredible feeling that allows you to perform any movement and any transition at any time.

June 2023: Figures, Patterns, & Competition

Patterns and figures are an excellent way to train your horse and get your horse on the aids. Even if you are not competing this year, or you don’t have a Dressage Court, you need to have a plan when you get on for a ride! 

Tentative topics for the remainder of the year:

The Aids, Strengthen the Hind-end, 30 Days to Round 2.0, Harmony & Balance in your Riding, Mindset & Psychology, and more!

Enrollment closes on Jan 4th and there is only room for a limited number of students. Don’t miss out!



or $490/year

That’s just $1.63 per day! Probably less than you spend on your horses’ supplements and way cheaper than a lesson.


Enrollment is Now Closed!

About Your Coach

“As a dressage trainer, my goal is to make good training accessible to everyone who is interested in learning. I want to help YOU ‘learn, to love your ride!’ “

~ Amelia

Amelia is passionate about sharing her knowledge of riding, horses and dressage. She has trained numerous horses and riders from Training Levels to the Grand Prix.

Amelia enjoys helping each individual student and horse find harmony, trust, and balance. “Nothing is more rewarding than watching one of my students glide harmoniously around the ring together with their horse! This makes my heart soar!” says Amelia.

Amelia hopes to one day represent the U.S.A. on the international circuit and loves training her three horses, Harvey, Kensington and Luigi in Los Angeles, CA. Amelia has her USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, She is the winner of the prestigious USEF Carol Lavell Advanced Dressage Prize and a member of the USEF Dressage Development Program.

Here's what students are saying about Strides...

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” ‘Strides’ is like reading one of those hard-to-read books but with everything fully explained and topped off with a brief, to the point, concise, videos to file away in my memory to give me a goal to strive for!!!

-Debi, Strides Student

“I’ve been in ‘Strides’ for six months –WOW– time flies! I enjoyed every one so far. I’ve become much more knowledgeable with regards to Dressage and it is really helping with my lessons. I love Amelia’s style of teaching!  I will go visit older material and love that I can, because if my instructor tries to explain something and I really don’t get or want a deeper explanation I can find a video because Amelia has a video on just about every topic you can think of! “

-Amy, Strides Student

I love the ‘Strides’ videos. I find them super helpful and informative. I go back and watch videos from the other months as well. There are always exercises that I love and go back to and watch again and ride a lot if I find helpful to me and my horse.”

-Kat, Strides Student

I love the ‘Strides’ – I feel the focus on different topics is great and although I’m not advanced rider- I find myself using the exercises which I know will help me and my horse progress and improve. Amelia is so great at explaining and breaking down the exercises – and I love when she adds the common problems and how to correct them (which is often me)! ” 

-Shari, Strides Student

Riding is your lifetime Dream!

So what’s holding you back?

  • You just can’t get your hose relaxed and “with” you.
  • You want to move up the levels, but making progress is difficult
  • You run into training issues and don’t know what to do
  • You get lost when riding without a trainer or you don’t understand what your trainer is telling you to do
  • You lack confidence and direction in your training

Dressage can be so hard and frustrating! And I totally get it because I’ve been there and I know exactly how you feel!

Wouldn’t it be great if…

  • You had the support of an online community to help you
  • You had access to a Grand Prix Rider and trainer to answer your questions
  • You had a clear structure for your training and your rides
  • You had a toolbox with specific exercises for training issues
  • You knew what to prioritize in each training session
  • You were able to make measurable progress and actually move up the levels!

That’s why I created Strides; to help YOU make progress and actually enjoy the Dressage Training Journey!

Ready to Join?

Just $49/month, or $490/year.

That’s just $1.63 per day! Probably less than you spend on your horse’s supplements and way cheaper than a lesson.

Communicate, have fun, and enjoy your horse.


On the first of the month, Amelia will release the video exercises and worksheet for you to start practicing before the live zoom session. The LIVE zoom call is usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 12 NOON PT and the previous Wednesday at 5 pm PT. The live zoom session is always recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience – so don’t worry if you can’t make the LIVE call.


 I have seen rider after rider make significant improvements in their riding through online coaching. You’ll be amazed at what you can do. 

You will have lifetime access to all Strides content released during your membership period! This way if you’re horse goes lame or you get too busy, you can always go back and review the content at a later time. Not only that but you can cancel at any time with no penalties.

These workshops are designed for horses and riders of ALL levels. Whether you are a beginner Dressage rider just learning about Dressage, or you are an FEI rider, these workshops are for you!! Dressage is all about the basics, and the workshops give you new exercises to incorporate every month!

Yes, cancel at any time!! No fees, no problem!


But fair warning! If you leave you won’t be able to get back in until the next open enrollment period (we only have 2 a year!).

That’s ok! Not every month is for everyone. BUT the Motivation, Pilates, and Office hour calls are not topic specific, so you can still get great value even if you’re not interested in the topic. 

Plus you can always go back into achieve topics and enjoy those!

Being sidelined from a personal injury or your horse is sore isn’t fun. 

You can’t opt out for a specific month (though you can cancel at any time), but you do get LIFETIME access to every month you are in Strides. Which means you can utilize the workshop once you’re back in the saddle.

We get it, you’re a busy person.

Every LIVE session is recorded for you! Recordings are processed and usually published within 24 hours of the LIVE session. 

Not sure if you are tech savvy enough to get a video online?

Don’t worry! We have a step by step process on how to upload a video, plus our team is available for tech support. 

We only open strides enrollment to the general public twice a year! 

This means that if you don’t enroll now you’ll have to wait 6+ months!

No. This program is designed to offer options for both young and older horses. 

“Amelia is an excellent teacher. Her explanations are clear and easily understood. Recommendations for doing a move properly are easy to follow and she is able to answer questions so you can see improvement. Amelia is kind and easy to approach. I highly recommend her for online classes!”

-Dori, Student

Still have questions?

Send us an e-mail at: 


Schedule a LIVE Zoom Consultation with JoElyn– The Happiness Director – to learn if this course is right for you!

“Nowhere have I found anyone who explains equestrian training theory, the dressage training scale and technique for the aids as well as Amelia. She genuinely cares about the progress of each student, at each student’s pace, beginner through upper level training. Her programs are so much fun to participate in too, having created an atmosphere of support and encouragement among all the participants. I can’t say enough about how much her teaching and the Strides community has improved my riding and my relationship with my horse!”

-Alysoun, Strides Student

“I own and train 3 former hunter/jumper to dressage. Hunter/jumpers would do well to improve their groundwork and flexibility from the gymnastics of dressage. Amelia’s programs helped me find an organized direction to make this happen in hand and under saddle. I build on these programs for my weekly workouts and check in to her posts monthly for upgrades.”

-Michael, Student

Please notify me when enrollment for Strides with Amelia opens again.

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