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Trust & Harmony with your Horse

Groundwork Essentials


✅ Read your horse
✅ Communicate & connect 
✅ Feel more confident
✅ Stay safe & have fun

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Your relationship with your horse starts on the ground.

Something catches your horse's eye and in a split second, your horse turns into a giant flying kite!

You feel your heart pounding in your chest, you try to stay calm, breathe, and shout – “Woah, woah, woah.” But your horse is on high alert and they are paying zero attention to you!

It is terrifying hanging onto a horse who is completely out of control and unaware that you even exist.

You’re supposed to be the one in charge here, right?

As prey animals, horses are highly aware of their surroundings and react five times faster than we do. When your horse’s natural instincts take over, you can quickly end up in a dangerous situation.

Here’s the secret to developing trust and communication with your horse that most people miss…

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Once your horse panics, gets loose, you get bucked off,  stepped on, bitten or kicked… It is too late!

Be proactive. Develop skills to communicate with your horse and avoid an accident. 

Understand how your horse perceives the world. Listen to their body language and expression.

Develop skills to redirect your horse’s attention to you before they turn into a flyaway kite!


Groundwork Essentials

With Groundwork Essentials, developing trust & communication with your horse is as easy as 1,2,3

#1 – Develop your Horse Sense – perceive the world through your horse’s eyes. Understand how they think, communicate, and learn.

#2 – Body Control – learn simple, practical, and effective exercises to control each part of your horse’s body. 

#3 – Mental Focus and Relaxation– become the confident leader and your horse will focus and relax

Ok, you've convinced me, I'm ready to connect with my horse!

Groundwork Essentials is perfect for you if you are...

  • An equestrian who wants to enjoy and bond with their horse
  • A competition rider who wants to feel confident with trailer loading & handling your horse in new situations
  • A true horseman (or horsewoman) who wants to understand their horse and deepen their partnership

Simple, Practical, Effective

“The groundwork course was so valuable I refer back to it often. Amelia breaks down each exercise beautifully and shows many examples with her students. During the winter without an indoor ring and during rehab for an injury, groundwork was so helpful. It deepened my connection with my mare which transferred into riding. I do groundwork now before I ride. Take the course, it’s so worth it! Fabulous job Amelia.” -Barbara

By the End of this Course, you will:

1. See the world through your horse's eyes

2. Communicate effectively your horse

3. Manage your horse’s stress, reactions, and energy

4. Develop confidence to handle your horse in any situation

5. Develop an effective pre-ride routine

“Amelia’s Groundwork course has been more helpful than I can explain. Amelia breaks everything down into steps and it’s all backed by theory. The office hour sessions are encouraging and supportive. I would recommend this course to any rider, no matter what discipline.” -Andrea

Feel confident handling your horse in in every situation.

(Prevent and manage the flying kite)

About Your Coach

As little as five minutes of simple groundwork will radically transform your entire relationship. I do groundwork with every single horse I ride.

If you haven’t met me before, I’m Amelia Newcomb. Today you may see me competing Grand Prix on my beautiful horse Harvey, or the Prix St George on Kensington, but when I started out as a trainer, I got all the “difficult” and dangerous horses. I got the un-started young horses, the “problem” horses that liked to bolt, buck or rear, and the stiff and resistant horses.

I mean it when I say, groundwork saved my life… more than once!

I have been able to work with horses and no one else could manage.

By understanding how horses perceive the world, interact with one another, and using groundwork to establish trust and harmony before getting on, I was able to ride and train horses that no one else could! Even today, I do groundwork with every single horse I ride and train and I am very particular about ground manners. I love spending time with my horses because we trust one another.

Inside Groundwork Essentials, I break it down and teach you step-by-step the exact routine that I use.

And don’t worry if you’ve NEVER done groundwork before…

(It feels pretty awkward at first)

Groundwork is a skill that you must develop. I’ve taught many students and horses these exercises from the beginning and I know you can learn them too!

As little as five minutes a day of groundwork really CAN make all the difference. These simple exercises will radically transform your relationship with your horse. 

“My biggest takeaway which was quite an epiphany is that you can train your horse on the ground and when you get on they know it. It’s magic. I taught my horse to bend and lower his head on the ground using techniques you showed me. It worked!”


What's inside
groundwork essentials?

This course includes 40+ exercises and 14 hours of video time including:

LIVE Webinar: The Science Behind Horsemanship

Learn the science behind how horses perceive the world and interact with one another. Read your horse's expression and body language. Communicate and interact with them in a way that makes sense!

Value: $120

The Essential Exercises:

These simple groundwork exercises are a MUST to keep you and your horse safe. Learn simple, practical and effective exercises that you can do in less than five minutes.

Value: $250

Groundwork for Riding:

Learn exactly what you should do just before you get on and how the groundwork transfers directly to your riding. Five minutes of groundwork will save you from a bad ride!

Value: $250

Individual feedback in Office Hours

LIVE office hours, every week for six weeks. Send in your video, get feedback, and improve week over week.

Value: $300


Set goals, , plan your week, and stay accountable

Value: $75

Student Videos

Never done groundwork before? Watch Amelia teach students just like you!

Value: $150

Test your Groundwork

Trailer loading, clipping, hand walking for rehab, biting, mounting issues. This course shows you how to fix literally any issue that you're having.

Value: $250

Groundwork for Young Horses

Learn what you should and should not be doing to get your young horse started on the right track!

Value: $150

Flag Work

Use the flag as a tool to get your horse's attention. Desensitize a spooky horse or energize a dull unresponsive horse.

Value: $175

Mini Challenges

Stay motivated each week with fun mini challenges against yourself and other students.

Value: $50

Mobile App

Access the course on the go! From your phone or other mobile device, learn anywhere.

Value: $50

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not sure if this course is for you? Feel confident with your purchase with our money back guarantee.

Value: Priceless!

24/7 Support

In the exclusive Facebook group, you get access to Amelia and her team to answer ANY questions you have! Post your videos and get help!

USDF Accredited

Receive credits from the United States Dressage Federation. These can be used as prerequisites for the USDF Instructor/Trainer Program, Certificate, and Diploma Programs.

Lifetime Access

No time right now? Bad Weather? Lost a shoe? No worries, you get lifetime access to all the educational material and recordings from the LIVE sessions.

Total Value: $1,820+ Your Cost:
$399 $299

By the end of this course you will have:

Understanding: Learn how horses see the world and interact with one another. 

Communication: Learn how to communicate with your horse and you can train them to do anything.

Trust: Become a confident leader. Clear boundaries, direction, and consistency are what earn your horse’s trust!

Safety: We love our horses – but they are big and can hurt us. Establish clear boundaries to stay safe, love, and enjoy your horse!

You’ll walk away from Groundwork Essentials with:

  1. A reliable and effective groundwork routine
  2. An understanding of how your horse perceives the world and why they react the way they do
  3. A system to train your horse to do anything
  4. Skills to cope when your horse is feeling tense or out of control
  5. Groundwork for a better ride

Hurry, enrollment closes soon!

“I’ve been riding about seven years, and I wouldn’t say I have a problem on the ground with my horses, but there are still things I can improve on and they matter. Amelia has loads of little tips on how to do things better.-Ginger

'Lessons' with Amelia

Join the LIVE office hours and get individual feedback!

Submit YOUR videos for review and Amelia and Team will guide you! Here’s how “office hours” work:

1. Film yourself – submit a 3-5 minute video of your groundwork

2. Join office hours on Zoom

3. Amelia will pull up your video, answer your questions, and give feedback!

Honestly, this might be better than a lesson! You get to actually see what you’re doing wrong. Plus you get the recording and can replay it over and over!

Afraid to submit a video? This safe and inviting environment allows you to get feedback on you, and learn from other students’ videos. It does not need to be ‘perfect’ and there are no dumb questions. Even if you don’t submit a video, you can learn by watching others. It’s exciting to celebrate progress with the other students.

Can’t make the LIVE session? Don’t worry! We will send you the recording!

“I have to tell you how amazed I am by how MUCH the groundwork has improved my relationship with my horse and how much it has positively affected our rides. He is more relaxed and more tuned in.” -Diana

The End Result:

Develop the skills you need to feel confident and enjoy every single moment you spend with your horse!

Groundwork Essentials will save you time, struggle, and frustration! It makes you safer and I guarantee it!!

Limited Time Offer

Enrollment is now closed. Put your name on the list to be notified when enrollment opens again.

What our students are saying:

What our students are saying:

You're backed by a 30-day money back guarantee!

If you’re on the fence, or had other online training experiences that left you feeling skeptical, give this course a try. Within a few days, if it’s not for you, I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

Thousands of my students use these techniques to help their horses, and I know that this program will work for you.

“While I have a wonderful trainer who I see often, I need ideas and structure to make my hacks more beneficial for me and my horse. I am so happy with the quality and price of the online resources Amelia provides. Her videos and programs really help me understand why certain aids work and are making me a better rider. I love it! Whether you’re just starting with riding, just starting with dressage, or have been doing it all for a long time, you will definitely find her exercises helpful.” -Suzanne

Radically transform your relationship with your horse!

Enrollment is now closed. Put your name on the list to be notified when enrollment opens again.


YES! Even just five min of conscientious groundwork each time you ride will make massive transformations in your communication, relationship, and riding, for you and your horse. I do these exercises with ever single horse I ride.

YES! If you interact with horses, you are doing groundwork. Learn the basics of how to read your horse and interact with them in a way they understand. This course covers all the basics and teaches you how to make the most of each moment that you spend with your horse.

Yes. In fact, this course includes a special section designed specifically for young horses where I demonstrate what exercises work well with young horses! We work with some yearlings as well as 4-5 year olds that are just getting started!

Yes. Absolutely. I guarantee that when done correctly, you can teach your horse to accept the aids from the ground and you will see a huge transformation in your horse! Too often when people think of groundwork, they picture a horse galloping around on a lunge line. I’m going to teach you a better way. When done correctly, groundwork will get your horse relaxed, focused on you, and in the correct frame of mind for a productive ride.

Yes – everyone who rides, must learn groundwork! The course includes over 40 simple, practical, and effective exercises. Plus the course includes LIVE office hours where you can submit your videos for individual feedback. This piece of the course is invaluable – imagine me watching you work with your horse and telling you exactly what you should do!

Your probably just like me – super busy! But what’s nice about this course is that you get lifetime access to the materials. All of the LIVE sessions and office hours will be recorded for you to watch at your convenience.

Once you learn the exercises, it should only take you about five minutes of Groundwork each day to see some astounding results in your horse. Plus this is the only time that I will be offering this course this year! Don’t miss out!

You should do as much groundwork as needed but as little as possible. (I always say it takes a lot less time to get off and do some groundwork than it does to heal broken bones.)  I’m just like you – I would ride than do groundwork, but safety is extremely important.  Often, you can be more effective working through training issue from the ground.  Teach your horse to bend, lower their head, and rein back from the ground. It’s a lot easier than fighting from the saddle.

This course is chalk full of support. With LIVE office hours where you can submit your videos for review, a private Facebook Group for community support and the ability to directly ask Amelia your questions via Teachable (our online learning platform) we’re here to hold your hand and support you ever single step of the way.

If that’s the case, then I haven’t done my job to break down the Groundwork in a way that is useful to you and your horse.  With that being said if you check out the course and don’t like what you see, I will fully refund your payment, no questions asked within 30 days. There’s no risk and I don’t make you go through hoops to get a refund if you want it.  If you don’t feel it’s right for you, then I don’t deserve to have you pay for it!

You automatically get access to the learning material upon enrollment, but the first LIVE session is November 20th and runs for the next 6 weeks. All LIVE sessions are recorded for you to watch later if you can’t make it. 

© 2023 by Amelia Newcomb Dressage & The Dressage Academy Inc.


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PS-Good things are coming. Please be patient with this form, it sometimes takes a moment to submit your details!