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Happy Holidays!

Enjoy a gift for yourself or a friend this season.

Get early access to mY Groundwork Masterclass.

This is one of my most popular masterclasses, and this cohort starts Jan 1st 2023. This Pre-Enrollment saves your seat for this incredibly popular masterclass. I can take on only a finite number of students, which is why you want to get in with this pre-enrollment.

This is also a great present to put on your list for your partner, parent or spouse to gift you during the holidays. 

Bundle up this winter with a special bundle of workshops

Buy two workshops and get one FREE with this awesome Holiday Bundle. 

Enjoy a collection of three workshops this holiday season to help you achieve that magical feeling of engagement, thoroughness, and connection with your horse! 

Enjoy ‘Engage the Hind End’, ‘Throughness and Top-Line Development’, and ‘Half-Halts for Impulsion’ for the sale price of $97, regular $193.

Be part of the community with Merchandise and Swag from Amelia's store.

I never started out to sell ‘swag’ or clothing, but I have found that having these items available brings an extra sense of community to riders. Especially when they are geographically distanced from like-minded riders. Some of my popular items include:

Happy Riding, Amelia

Can't find a course for you? I have a program for everyone, I'm sure we can find you something you will benefit from.

Pssst! Want to send a course as a gift? Send us an email at support@amelianewcombdressage.com and we can help you make your gift a huge success this holiday season.


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