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Suppleness is a fundamental element of dressage training! If your horse feels tense, distracted, stiff, or cannot bend, you need to help your horse become more supple. This workshop includes groundwork and mounted exercises, plus a video lecture that will give you the tools you need.

Rider Position Seat & Legs

If you want to be an effective rider, you HAVE to develop your seat and learn how to properly use your leg. This workshop includes a range of exercises designed to help you connect your seat to the saddle and develop an effective leg, plus a 60-minute lecture on rider seat and legs.


Dressage is both physically and mentally demanding for any horse and rider. Because of this, even the most willing horse will find ways to evade the work. Speed & tempo, straightness, and contact & connection are three of the main areas where horses evade as they begin to fatigue or misunderstand aids. It is important to identify and address these evasions quickly so they don’t become habit-forming. This workshop includes a 90-minute recorded lecture plus specific exercises to help you correct evasions when they occur.

Contact and Connection

One of the most important elements of dressage is also one of the hardest: Contact and Connection. Contact comes first: getting the horse to accept the bit and yield to pressure. Connection comes next, where we involve the horse’s body, getting the horse to go from the hind leg through the body to the bridle. This workshop includes both groundwork and mounted exercises, plus a 60-minute lecture to help you understand and improve both contact and connection.


Half-halts are an essential part of controlling and balancing your horses’ energy. Without an effective half-halt, you cannot communicate with your horse! With an effective half-halt, you can gather and control your horses’ energy for transitions, turns, lateral movements, and to rebalance your horse onto the hind end. In this workshop, you get a lecture, exercises to develop an effective half-half, and more.

Dressage Rider Mindset

Ever noticed how when you start out your ride with a calm and positive mindset you usually end up having an awesome ride? On the other hand, when you start out your ride anxious, distracted, or upset, your ride really never goes quite the way you had hoped! This workshop includes both unmounted and mounted exercises, and a lecture with a sports psychologist, to help you develop a consistently positive rider mindset.

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