YES! You can teach your horse to go Round in 30 days.

Wow! The past 30 days has been amazing. It’s hard to put into words. For those of you that don’t know, last month I launched my new course the “30 Days to Round Challenge”. I had never done a course in this type of format, but I was keen to try. The response has been incredible, and well- I go into more detail in the video, but you can also check out some of the responses from students here. 

Before we announce the official “winners” I wanted to congratulate each and every one of you for your participation in the 30 Days to Round Challenge. I was blown away by the transformations that I saw and it just goes to show you that when you set your mind to something and have the education and support you need you can do incredible things.

Whether you completed every single exercise and saw an incredible transformation with your horse, your horse came up lame/sore and life got in the way of your training, or you really didn’t see a huge change in your horse, I want you to congratulate yourself. To me, you are all winners! Just be entering this challenge, attempting the exercises, and videoing yourself riding, I’m pretty sure you’ve made more improvement in these last 30 Days than if you had not entered the challenge!

Remember that big changes happen with small daily actions. Taking risks, “failing,” and getting frustrated is a part of learning. If you never fail you never learn and if you always succeed you never grow.



1st Congratulations to Jo-Ann Lewis and Amara (see photos below) for showcasing the biggest transformation in the last 30 days! Jo-Ann has won $1000 Cash and a new Solo Bridle.

2nd Annabel Carruthers and Duke have won $750 Cash and a new Solo Bridle.

3rd Marti Gillen and Scout have won $500 Cash.

4th Haley Kuehner and her mare have won $300 Cash

Special Recognition Awards- I wanted to celebrate some of you who showed exemplary spirit for learning, horsemanship, and/or compassion during the challenge. This was a full-on challenge, and I took note of the extra care and effort these riders put in and I would like to celebrate you by sending you some Amelia Swag!

-Cat Benson
-Julie Lee
-Catherine Lambert Koizumi
-Christine Mann
-Cara Peters
-Camden Jones
-Sheena Burgos
-Bryanna Kalsem
-Tracey Johnson
-Sarah Warnock
-Ann Womack
-Noreen Esposito

I also made this special video I think you’ll enjoy, it’s all about Celebrating our Wins as a community and remembering that Dressage is for everyone.

Again, biggest congratulations to everyone. Just completing the challenge is an accomplishment in itself.

Want to get in on the action the next time I run the 30 Days to Round Challenge? Put your name on the list to be notified.


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