Keep your hands down! And don’t fall off!!

Why is is that when things start going badly, our instinct is to lean forward and raise our hands?? This is seriously the WORST thing to do and yet we all seem to do this! You will notice that when your hands come up, you learn forward, your center of gravity comes up and off of the horse, and you end up in a precarious position if your horse decides to drop their shoulder and turn to the side!!

Ok great! So how do we fix this?!

Put a grab strap on the front of your saddle – and don’t be ashamed! Many of the top riders in this sport have a grab strap on their saddle!! How do you use the grab strap?

  • Hold the grab strap with your hand along with your outside rein
  • Be sure that when you pull on the grab strap you sit back and pull yourself deeper into the saddle rather than out of the saddle! -The grab strap can also be useful for if your hands are unsteady or if you tend to ride with your hands too high.

Watch the video to see how I use the grab strap when I am riding!


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