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You know when you try to sit the trot and are totally out of breath after just one lap of the arena? We’ve probably all been there, but how many of us actually DO anything about it?

We spend so much time thinking about our horses’ training plans, and working out their fitness level, but how much do we think about our own?

In reality, we should be thinking about our fitness before we even START riding, not after, but it is generally an afterthought only addressed when the LACK of fitness becomes an issue or leads to a scary incident!

Even though I ride 8-10 horses, fitness is a very important part of my weekly routine. I focus on specific exercises that focus on strength, flexibility, stamina, and straightness all of which directly improve my riding.

Rider position is the single most significant factor in our effectiveness as riders, and by the same token, fitness is the most significant factor that will influence your rider position. So put simply, Get Fit, Ride Better! 

To help you guys do this, I’ve worked with Stephanie Seheult, a doctor of Physical Therapy, to put together a completely free PDF with everything you need to know to improve your fitness with the specific goal of improving your riding!

Watch this video with the absolute fountain of knowledge that is Stephanie Seheult and follow the link to download our FREE PDF. I want to help you get fit and ride better. The PDF is full of advice and specifically designed exercises for riders to improve their fitness and their riding.

As my mom, JoElyn says, “Riding is A Celebration of what our bodies can do!” So let’s get fit and make it a real party!

I can’t wait to hear about you guys starting on your fitness journey! Let me know how you’re finding it!

Thanks for watching!



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