NEW! USDF First Level Test 3- 2023 Version

Are you riding the First Level this year? Are you thinking about riding the First Level next year? Or perhaps you’re working through the movements at home. If any of these is a yes, then this is for you!

This year, as you probably know, the USDF made some changes to First Level Test 3! So I thought it would be helpful to make a video to demonstrate the new test for you to help you guys learn it.

In the video, I’ve got the camera on me front on, but also, there’s one watching me from above from the drone, AND of course, I’m talking through my ride in the voiceover.

(Plus you don’t have to listen too hard to hear my caller at the side of the arena! )

If you need more help with First Level, I’ve also got a First Level Course that’s packed with the tips and tricks you need to be prepared to ride the First Level Tests.

In the course I give you…

  • Confidence in your own abilities and in your ride
  • The theory and logic behind the purpose of each level of Dressage
  • Specific exercises for each movement in the tests
  • How to build on your riding at each level to produce better rides
  • The ability to increase your scores and abilities

Check out the course here. Available now for $97 (regular $199).

Have a look at this video of me and Leo demonstrating the new test and let me know if you find it helpful and don’t forget to click in to see about the First Level course if you want more assistance!

Thanks for watching and happy riding!


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