What makes a good walk-trot transition?

We see it all the time on our test sheets and our coach always tells us that we “need a better transition” or “that transition needs improvement”. But what exactly does that MEAN? How do you know what makes a good transition.

This week, we put together a great checklist so you can tell if your walk-trot transitions are up to par!

-The Horse must go from a clear 4-beat walk directly into a clear 2-beat trot.

-The frame of the horse should not change.

-The horse should start the transition with the hind leg.

-The rider’s aids should be effective and subtle with both legs near the girth and an elastic contact in the reins.

Why is it important to practice proper walk-trot transitions?

-Improve horse’s reaction to your aids

-Better throughness and engagement

-Test the connection and suppleness

-To make transitions smooth and effortless

Hope this helps! Let us know if the comments below if you have any questions. Happy riding!


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