NEW Training Level Test 3-2023 edition

Every 4 years, USDF revises and modifies their dressage tests. The Dressage levels and the tests within the levels are designed to systematically teach and train your horse at each stage in its development. There is a special committee of test writers that spend a considerable amount of time reviewing and revising the tests to make sure that the movements within each test are appropriate for a horse and rider at that level, there is no ambiguity, and the test flows smoothly.

You may ask, “But Amelia, if they spend so much time making them right- why do they change them every 4 years!?!?” Well, they don’t often change ALL of them every 4 years, but the wheels of time keep rolling and 4 years is the deemed appropriate time to “review” them to make sure they are still applicable and working with the desired intention. After all, they are human! So sometimes they think adjusting the flow will make it better (and it does for their test riders!) but then when it gets into the real shows, and they realize that certain movements or patterns are either too difficult or too easy for that level. Or perhaps there is such a big jump from one level to another they want to bridge that gap and revise a test to reflect that. Or sometimes they feel they need to specify some wording because it’s ambiguous. Because remember- it’s not just the test PATTERN that is updated, it’s also the purpose and directives as well.

Want to see if your level has been updated? You can check out the 2023 tests that come into effect Dec 1st 2022 HERE.

One of the tests that is new for next year is Training Level Test 3. There are some significant changes that you want to make sure to learn before your next competition. The biggest change in Training Level Test 3 is that they took out the 3-loop serpentine and put in the shallow loop serpentine.

I am really excited to share with you this video of the new Training Level Test 3! I have some awesome drone footage that I hope helps you to visualize the correct geometry!

I hope you enjoy this footage of me riding the new test for you. Have a look at it and let me know if you find it helpful! We owe it to our horses to know our tests inside out so I hope this goes a little bit towards helping you guys do that!

Interested in learning more about how to perfect your Training Level tests? I’ve revamped my Training Level Course to reflect the new tests and added more videos! In this course you will learn:

  • Learn how to ride each movement
  • Specific videos on topics such as (The scoring and collective marks, How to train the stretch circle, The Halt, The Canter and Canter transition, Geometry and accuracy, and MORE!)
  • Get a step-by-step for each Training Level test (watch and listen to me riding the tests)
  • Learn the Theory (learn what judges are looking for)
  • Getting the right mindset (train your mind and body)
  • Competition Preparation (the warm-up, braiding, and more)
  • USDF University credits
  • Ability to ask questions at any time
  • Lifetime Access
  • 100% Horsie Guarantee (30-day, no questions asked!)

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(I’m not sure, take me somewhere I can learn more)

Thanks for watching this week’s video and happy test learning!

PS- Interested in my first or second level course, don’t worry! Those Courses will be updated to reflect the new tests shortly. We’re still working on them!


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